Mini Dutch Pancakes Hire

We are passionate about food and wanted to bring something different to the table. On our travels around Europe and when we were in Holland we found Poffertjes which are mini pancakes and decided to bring a taste of Holland to the UK for the Great British public to enjoy..............

Mini Dutch Pancakes are also known as "Poffertjes" in the Netherlands. The pancakes are drizzled in butter then coated with sugar. They are an ideal sweet dessert treat. Although not that well known in this country they are proving popular at weddings, parties and corporate events.

We use traditional Dutch poffertjes plaats to create our delicious mini pancakes. These cook numerous poffertjes at the same time, and we serve 4 or 5 on a tray. Dusted in sugar and butter as standard. If you want a more luxury style treat then they can be served with various sauces. Or strawberries and cream make them an ideal summer treat.


Perfect for all occasions. We are  available  for events, festivals, shows in fact anything and anywhere.....

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